“Replacing leaky roofs, maintenance, and safety repairs are top priorities for voters.” according to the recent survey conducted by EMC for Cabrillo Unified School District.

CUSD had a Facility Audit completed as part of the Facility Master Plan.

On July 23, 2013, the CUSD Board was told of four “Roofing [repairs] that should happen ASAP” totaling $179,000:

Cabrillo Unified School District Measure MThese repairs have not been completed.  We know this because CUSD has only spent a total of $16,970 on roofing since Measure S was passed, excluding Building C repairs:

CUSD Measure M

Since 2013 CUSD has spend 27x more on Parking Lots than it has on Roofing.
Is fixing leaky roofs a priority at Cabrillo Unified School District?