In Cabrillo Unified School District where 45% of students are eligible for free or reduced lunch, how are families supposed to come up with an average of $38,678 for these bonds?

Every Coastside Household already owes Cabrillo USD an average of $15,661 for Measure S bonds – debt we’ll be paying off until 2047…

$15,661 Measure S debt per Coastside Household plus
$23,017 Measure M debt per Coastside Household totals
$38,678 debt per Coastside Household for school construction bond measures.

The CUSD board has already sold $58M in Measure S bonds which added $95M in new Measure S debt in under five years.
Once CUSD sells the remaining $23M available Measure S debt, total Measure S debt will approach $131M.
Measure M debt will total $194M by the district’s own estimates.

$131M Measure S debt plus
$194M Measure M debt totals
$325M Total debt for both Cabrillo USD school construction bond measures.

Your family’s property taxes will be so high they won’t even be legal without a waiver from the State of California!
Cabrillo USD can’t sell all these bonds without a waiver because the Coastside can’t afford it.
California Education Code 15270 protects taxpayers from ruinous taxes levied by school boards.
In the last 12 months only five out of the 330 unified school districts in the state received bond waivers from the California Department of Education.
One of those districts had two seismically deficient elementary schools.
Cabrillo USD would shamefully join the very short list of school districts with crushing tax rates if Measure M passes.

$194M Measure M Debt