Cost of the Cabrillo Unified School District Cunha Building C Disaster – $17M and rising, not including at least one years’s worth of legal fees for Dannis Woliver Kelley as CUSD sues Thompson Builders.

The Half Moon Bay Review described the new Cunha Gym as “the Taj Mahal of Coastside recreational areas” here

2018-02-081329843Anderson Brule Architects5 - 0Approve Proposal for Design Cunha Building C Rehabilitation
2017-11-09Blach construction4 - 0, Rob Pappalardo absentRatify Lease-Lease Back Agreement with Blach Construction
2017-09-14Blach construction4 - 0, Kimberly Hines absentLease Lease Back Contract for Cunha C Building with no Gauranteed Maximum Price
2017-06-22no priceClimatech LLC3 - 0, Kimberly Hines & Kirk Riemer absentConduct a Public Hearing and Adopt Resolution No. 16-17 for Award of the Energy Performance Contract to Climatec Lighting for Hatch, Cunha, King Mountain, and lighting and heating for HMB HS
2017-05-11Blach construction5-0Adopt Resolution No. 12-17 Supporting Award of Lease-Leaseback Agreements for Cunha C Building awarded based on 250 point system
2017-05-11172746Anderson Brule Architects5-0Approve Contract with Anderson Brule Architects Inc for the Repair and Recontruction of Building C at Cunha
2017-03-094 - 0 Rob Pappalardo absentAdopt Resolution No. 06-17 for Best Value Methodology and Guidelines using 100 point system
2017-03-03Thompson BuildersCUSD sues Thompson Builders for Cunha C Building
2017-02Cunha Gym and Pilarcitos High School open
2017-01-1914609722Blach construction5 - 0Approve Lease-Lease Back Agreement with Blach Construction for Cunha C Building Repairs, except for waterproofing repairs
2017-01-01AB2316 requires governing boards formally advertise its Request for Proposal (RFP).
2016-12-085 - 0Approve Intent of Lease-Lease Back Agreement with Black Construction
2016-10-135 - 0Adopt Resolution No. 21-16 to Approve the use of the Lease-Leaseback Project Delivery Method and Negotiate Lease Agreements
2016-09-0812000 4 - 0 Michael Ahern absentApprove the Installation of a Security System at Cunha
2016-09-08975000 4 - 0 Michael Ahern absentApprove Emergency Placement of Tempoary Portables at Cunha
2016-07-05Half Moon Bay Review: "leaking problems ... started within weeks after the library and C building were occupied in early 2009 and cropped up again in affected rooms whenever there was significant rainfall."
2016-03-11Cunha Building C closed due to mold
2015-11-123000000Clark and Sullivan Builders5 - 0Approve a Lease-Lease Back Contract for Construction of the Cunha gym
2015-09-1022808Clark and Sullivan BuildersApprove Preliminary Service Agreement with Clark and Sullivan Builders, Inc for Cunha gym
2015-06-04Half Moon Bay Review: School Construction Projects Delayed
2014-12-115 - 0Adopt Resolution No 29-14 Finding the Construction of a New Gymnasium at Cunha Intermediate School Exempt from the CEQA and Approving the Filing and Recordation of a Notice of Exemption
2014-10-0953947LSA AssociatesApprove Contracts with LSA Associates, Inc. for CEQA Consulting Services for Hatch, Pilarcitos, and the Cunha Gym
2014-09-185 - 0Approve the Following Measure S Facility Bond Projects: Hatch, Pilarcitos, Cunha Gym, HMB HS Field and Track
2014-08-14365000WLC5 - 0Approve of a Contract with WLC Architects, Inc. to Design a Gymnasium at Cunha Intermediate School
2014-06-265 - 0Approve Termination of Architectural Agreement for Convenience with DT Architecture, Inc for Design of a Dual Gymnasium at Cunha Intermediate School
2014-04-15234675DT Architecture5 - 0Approval of a Contract with DT Architecture, Inc. to Design a Dual Gymnasium at Cunha Intermediate School
2012-12-1958000Made improvements to the durability of steel substructure that supports solar panels at Half Moon Bay High School and Cunha Intermediate School.
2012-08-11Cunha field opens
2012-05-10Solar City5 - 0Approved Solar City contract
2012-01-125 - 0700,000 Measure K for Cunha Field, total cost 2,500,000
1996-0635,000,000 Measure K passes, 25 year bond, expires 2021
20833741Cunha Total Spent or Committed